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The Little Series - Michaelmas

The Little Series - Michaelmas

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Partial Contents: * How to Use This Booklet * Anthroposophy and the Human Gemüt * Michael's Battle with the Dragon * Twelve Verses from the Calendar of the Soul * Michaelmas Verse * The Michael Festival in the Course of the Year * Enthusiasm and the Consciousness o fthe Waldorf Teacher * Healthy and Ill instead of True and False * The Fine Weaving of the Spiritual in the Material * The Battle of Michael Described for the Waldorf Teacher * Truth-Wrought Pictures of Michael and the Growth of Human Freedom * Michael-Imagination * On the Genesis of Evil * Threefolding and the Michael Festival of the Future * Easter and Michaelmas * Trust in Spirit Bring Michael-Strength * Michael's Ascent to Time Spirit and His Battle with the Dragon * The Art of Education: Building the Vehicle in which Michael Will Ride into Our Civilization * On the Being of Michael - His Gaze - Rejection of Nationalism

49 pages, perfect-bound.


Editor: Helmut von Kügelgen
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2004
ISBN: 978-0-9796232-3-3

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