A Lifetime of Joy

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This compilation of verses, finger games, stories, and plays for puppets and marionettes was created and adapted by Bronja Zahlingen, a longtime teacher at the Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten in Vienna, Austria, expanding on her original collection, Plays for Puppets. Along with many additional verses and stories, it includes the articles “In Praise of Early Childhood,” “Movement, Gesture, and Language in the Life of the Young Child,” and “The Pedagogical Value of Marionette and Table Puppet Plays for the Small Child.” Includes simple musical notation.

113 pages, perfect bound. Simple musical notation.

Author: Bronja Zahlingen
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-9722238-6-7

<p><strong>Bronja Zahlingen</strong> (1912–2000) joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1932, at the age of twenty. The kindergarten she built up in Vienna brimmed with life until 1938, with the invasion of Austria. She went to Britain and, after the war ended, returned to Vienna to re-establish a Waldorf kindergarten. In her later years she worked with colleagues in the United States to develop the Waldorf kindergarten movement. Colleagues Brigitte Goldman and Elisabeth Gergeley write, “Creating a space for children in which their future humanity could develop—this was the life task to which Bronja Zahlingen devoted herself. . . . We have learned much from her.”</p>


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