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Cosmic Child

Cosmic Child

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Here is a book of poems and little stories that all have to do with a sense of awareness before birth. Eurythmist Eve Olive offers us this remarkable treasury of verse and story that gives a view of life reaching beyond the usual boundaries. The writings stretch across the centuries, from Rumi and Wordsworth to contemporary poets both well known and less known, each with a unique view of this ­mysterious event that brings us into being. Here are voices--the voice of the mother, the voice of the father, the voice of the child--speaking forth about a journey experienced by all but ­remembered by few, translated and woven into a fascinating tapestry. The perfect gift for an expectant couple or a new grandparent, this reflective and inspiring anthology is truly a gift for all of us, who have shared the great experience of birth.

183 pages, perfect-bound

Editor: Eve Olive
Publisher: Wrightwood Press
Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9801190-3-9

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