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Gnomes and Giants, Pixies and Elves

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With these delightful games, Wilma Ellersiek invites children into a world inhabited by beings large and small, where the elements of air, water, earth and fire interweave. As we share in their lively movements we are refreshed and enlivened ourselves. This is the English translation of Wilma Ellersiek’s last gesture games book.

“The games of Wilma Ellersiek come from her listening to Nature; in a way true to their origin she has succeeded in artistically molding speech, rhythm, and the corresponding gestures to bring the wind, flowers, beasts, sun, moon, and stars into the child’s presence.”

Ingrid Weidenfeld, “Wilma Ellersiek: A Life for Rhythm”

126 pages, perfect bound


Author : Wilma Ellersiek
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2023
ISBN: 978-1-936849-60-4

Wilma Ellersiek (1921–2007) taught music, speech, and dance in Stuttgart, Germany, at the State Academy for Music and Performing Arts. She later devoted herself to researching the specific effects of rhythm, movement, language, and music on the young child. The gesture games that developed out of this research became foundational to Waldorf early childhood programs worldwide.