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Loving Care for the Child Under Three by Helle Heckmann

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Loving care starts from the point of perceiving and accommodating the needs of young children under three years old. Taking the child’s need as her point of departure, Helle Heckmann sets aside mainstream expectations. Twenty-first century pressures on families, imposing long working days on parents and much absence from the family and home, create the classic problem of our times: while creating economic safety and security for their families, how can we give our best to the children we love while also satisfying personal needs as well as the demands of society? This book offers perspectives from several adults who care for the young child in different ways. The child under three should never stand alone and should always be permitted to influence society. We all have a childhood in common.

176 pages, perfect bound. Over a hundred full color illustrations.

Author: Helle Heckmann
Publisher: Slow Parenting and Helle Heckmann
Year: 2021
ISBN: none

<strong>Helle Heckmann</strong> is a cultural geographer, Rudolf Steiner educator, author, international pedagogical consultant, workshop leader, and lecturer.