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Nurturing the Senses: The Importance of Authentic Sensory Experiences in Early Childhood (Bundle of 5)

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A new translation of Philipp Gelitz’s work on sensory development in young children and the second in the 2-booklet series Right to Childhood, Nurturing the Senses looks at how children achieve sensorimotor integration in order to grow into today’s world and human community. How does the very young child grow into and take hold of the body? How does the caregiver guide wholesome development? The author answers by describing Steiner’s approach to the twelve senses alongside current research on sensorimotor development and embodiment. Wholesome sensory experiences can only be achieved in real life, not on a screen; joy in life and a positive attitude to life are rooted in authentic, embodied experiences. Translated from the German by Margot Saar; originally published in 2023 by the German Waldorf Kindergarten Association.

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Saddle stitched, 36 pages.

Fully illustrated with color photographs.

Author: Philipp Gelitz, translated by Margot Saar
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2024

Phillipp Gelitz is a Waldorf early childhood educator and junior professor of Waldorf early childhood education at Alanus University. He has published extensively in German on child development. His publications in English include The Seven Life Processes (WECAN 2018).