Simply Sourdough: Baking great whole-grain breads and more

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Do you want to make delicious, nutritious whole-grain sourdough bread but are confused or intimidated by all the different methods and advice out there? This booklet aims to keep it simple and give you just the essential information you need to create your own rye starter, bake a great whole-grain loaf with it, and make other baked goods with the same starter including English muffins, pancakes, muffins, and crackers. “Simply sourdough” means that all the recipes in this book are made with sourdough; that each bread is made with sourdough alone, with no added commercial yeast; and that the goal is to demystify the process of making sourdough and help you to feel confident and successful, so that you too can say, “Sourdough is simple!”

72 pages, perfect bound.

Author: Lory Widmer-Hess
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2019


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