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Spirit-led Community: Healing the Impact of Technology

Spirit-led Community: Healing the Impact of Technology

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Most of us believe that our potential for inner liberation and true freedom lies in thinner world of our capacities for thinking, feeling, and self-determined will. However, discovering how unfree we actually are has always been one of the necessary steps in awakenings on the inner development path. The foundations of our inner freedom, as well as our inner unfreedom are greatly influenced during the years of early child development. 

Our patterns of thinking, our feelings, and our will impulses are all influenced directly by the community in which we grow up. With our outer lives increasingly permeated by technology, we are now faced with the effects that technology  brings to bear on our inner lives, as well as its artificial influence on the development of our thinking, feeling, and willing. Technology is forming the future of our communities and, in doing so, extending its pervasive influence into our inner capacities as community members.

188 pages, perfect-bound.

 Author: Lisa Romero
Publisher: SteinerBooks
Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-1621482154

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