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Stories to Light the Night

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This book offers story medicine for children, families, and communities at times of grieving, loss, and separation.

Stories and words have therapeutic potential. They can strengthen us, help to reframe things, and help make meaning. Included are 94 stories for the loss of a loved one, from a death in the close family to the extended family; the loss of a family relationship, such as through separation, divorce, adoption, and fostering of children; the loss of a pet; separation from home, country or place; and the loss of health and well-being. The last section includes tales for the loss of nature and ecocide; and stories on cycles of life and change.

As well as many original stories from Susan Perrow, there are stories from different countries and cultures worldwide by writers from a diversity of professions and backgrounds. Each story includes a description of who the story was written for, the age group and the situation. Using the power of metaphor and imaginative story journeys, combined with the sensitive art of “listening,” the stories in the collection offer a light in the night.

226 pages, perfect bound.

Author: Susan Perrow
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781912480272