Seeking the Spirit - The Little Series

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Edited by Helmut von Kügelgen and originally entitled Spiritual Gifts for Educators, the volumes in the Little Series are collections of verses and writings by Rudolf Steiner for the inner work of the teacher, through the day, through the year, through life.

Seeking the Spirit offers verses and writings for anyone who is striving to bring the spirit into modern life. Whitsun, celebrating the tenth day after Christ’s ascension when the apostles received the spiritual power to bring his healing forces into the world, points the way toward our future. Von Kügelgen calls it “the festival of the community that forms around a spiritual entity.” This volume, one of the longest in the Little Series, contains many treasures for individual or group study throughout the year and throughout a lifetime.

Also available: Spiritual Insights, Working with the Dead, Easter, Love, Michaelmas, Christmas, Saint Martin, the full 8-volume series.

84 pages, perfect bound.

Editor: Helmut von Kügelgen
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9796232-7-1