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Walking with Our Children: The Parent as Companion and Guide, 2nd Edition

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In tone and focus, and perhaps in adopting a certain sense of urgency, this revised and expanded collection acknowledges that the pace of life has accelerated dramatically, that the use of screens and personal digital technology has exploded, that we have endured a pandemic and its aftermaths, and that nations and ideologies are at war. We are now at a new beginning place, where we can make it our goal to face the future with optimism, to manage each moment as it comes, to affirm the goodness of life, and to deeply love and appreciate one another, no matter what comes to surprise us.

—From the author’s preface

Walking With Our Children: The Parent as Companion and Guide collects essays on parenting wisdom by early childhood educator Nancy Blanning, originally published as a series in LILIPOH magazine, offering practical and enjoyable ways to approach parenthood with courage and a sense of freedom. 

126 pages, perfect bound. Original hand-drawn illustrations by Sheila Harrington.

Author: Nancy Blanning
Publisher: WECAN
Year: 2024
ISBN: 978-1-936849-62-8

Nancy Blanning served for decades as kindergarten and therapeutic support teacher at the Denver Waldorf School. Now retired from the classroom, she is codirector of Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education (WECTE) at Sunbridge Institute in Spring Valley, New York. One of her special interests is in supporting healthy physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development for young children through fun, imaginative movement. Another passion is to offer encouragement, insights, and practical suggestions to support and foster healthy family life. Her writings and contributions to publications about early childhood education include First Grade Readiness (WECAN 2009) and Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures Volumes 1 and 2 with Laurie Clark. She is the editor of the Waldorf early childhood journal, Gateways.